Project ACCESS








Thank you for your interest in this research study!


Project ACCESS is designed to help women with a history of cervical dysplasia or cervical cancer to quit smoking. You do not have to be ready to quit smoking to participate.


You will receive telephone counseling to help you quit smoking. You will also be asked to complete study assessments 6 times over 24 months. You will receive a 12-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy (patches and lozenges) at no cost to you and you will be compensated up to $330 for your time in completing the assessments in the study.


What to expect:

  • Smoking cessation treatment at no cost (delivered remotely)
  • Up to 12 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy at no cost to you
  • 6 study assessments over 24 months (completed remotely)
  • Up to $330 over the course of 24 months


To see if you are eligible for this study, please click HERE.